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The body of 8-month old Laila al-Ghandour held by her mother

Mahmud Hams/Agence France-Presse


Laila al-Ghandour


In Time's Iconography is the glaring testimonial of eight month old Laila al-Ghandour. She was born under occupation in Gaza and died on the 70th Anniversary of Nakba Day.

You can blame God for inducting her into existence only to have the Cartels of Debauchery -- exonerated -- for abducting her from co-existence!

You can blame her parents for being ethnically incarcerated and genetically branded as terrorists, as well as for being conditionally denied citizenry to any and all precincts of safety, freedom or flight!

You can blame the Will of the International Community for their sanctioned acrimony towards her crimeless fingerprints and footprints, lest they would have evolved into finding sanctuary in the Lost Scrolls of the Nakba!

But can elected politicians who have seditiously metamorphosed into purveyors of doom and gloom honestly look posterity in the face and pontificate that coexistence is today more secure and distinguished upon having extinguished -- so valiantly -- her timeless existence?

Do they have any more psychopathic vetoes left in their amoral treasuries?


                                                                                       - Dom Martin

                                                                                           May 2018

Relatives mourning the death of Laila al-Ghandour (Reuters)

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